Terms of use

1- This is not a medical reference, and you should not use it as being so!

2- Each entry in this formulary is supposed to remind you of something that you knew; not to teach you something new.

3- If a drug is new to you, then you will have to read more about its properties/pharmacodynamics/pharmacokinetics in a detailed manner; therefore, this is not the place to start with. There are on the web myriads of websites that can fit your needs. Also, you are supposed to have your own valued textbooks for such mission.

4- Any use of any drug mentioned here, is the sole responsibility of the prescribing doctor.

5- It is the sole responsibility of the treating doctor, to have her/his tools and accredited references.

6- Although, a tremendous effort was made to make this formulary as compact and accurate as possible; however, this is a human effort which is “ERROR PRONE”.

7- You should never, ever (never ever ever ever !!) use information in this site without consulting your doctor !!

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